how high should a chandelier be over a coffee table

How High Should a Chandelier Be Over a Coffee Table?

Chandeliers bring a room to life and can act as a statement piece as well as provide much-needed overhead lighting. When installed correctly, chandeliers can be an excellent source of illumination. However, when installed too close or too far away from the coffee table, it can detract from the overall design or obstruct traffic.

Factors to Consider

Before attempting to determine how high a chandelier should hang over a coffee table, it’s important to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Size of the Room: Larger rooms typically require larger chandeliers and higher hanging heights.
  • Height of Ceiling: Measure the height of the ceiling in the room. The further away the bottom of the chandelier hangs from the ceiling, the more lighting it can provide.
  • Height of the Coffee Table: The average coffee table height is normally between 16-18 inches tall. The distance from the top of the table to the bottom of the chandelier should be around 30 inches.
  • Light Fixture Style: Some light fixtures such as pendants or drop lights have longer protruding cords and will hang lower than other styles of chandeliers.

Where to Hang the Chandelier?

The ideal place to hang the chandelier would be directly above the coffee table. The bottom of the fixture should be around 30 inches away from the table’s surface. This will ensure sufficient lighting is cast on the table while providing plenty of headroom to avoid any potential obstruction or interference.

Final Thoughts

When positioning and installing a chandelier over a coffee table, it’s important to consider the design and size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and the size and style of the chandelier. When installed correctly, it can add much-needed overhead lighting while enhancing the overall design of the room.

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