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How to choose the right height of coffee table

Whether you’re furnishing a new room or replacing an old coffee table, make sure you pick the right height to match.

Considering Your Coffee Table’s Location

Where you choose to place your coffee table is the primary consideration that should inform your decision in finding the right height. Many people will place their coffee table in the living room, so the surrounding sofa and chairs are a good place to start.

Sofa Seating Height

If you’re in the process of buying a new sofa but haven’t made a decision yet, the taller you go, the higher the table should be. Low sofa seats are usually 14–16 inches off the ground, according to Better Homes and Gardens, so if you purchase a low-height sofa, you can get away with a table that’s a bit lower.

The taller the sofa seat, the taller the table should be. The American Society of Interior Designers recommends a comfortable height of 18–21 inches off the floor.

Factors to Consider

When you’re deciding on a coffee table size and height, consider these factors:

  • Size: What size table will fit in the space? Make sure the coffee table isn’t too big or too small.
  • Material: How lightweight the table is will determine how easy it is to move. Choose something that you can lift without a hassle.
  • Style Pick a coffee table that will fit in with the overall ambiance and feel of your room and the furniture around it.
  • Lifestyle: Do you entertain? Do you bottle-feed a baby often? Do you use the coffee table as a footrest? Consider these activities when you’re deciding.

The Perfect Height

The bottom line is that a perfect coffee table will be one that’s about two-thirds the height of the sofa, according to To get the most comfortable experience, determine how your table will be used before you make a purchase.

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