how far should your coffee table be from your couch

How Far Should Your Coffee Table Be From Your Couch?

Having the perfect layout for your living room is essential to creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space. One must-have item in any well-decorated living room is a coffee table. Where you place this piece is key to creating a balanced living room look.

Guidelines for Coffee Table Placement

When it comes to coffee table placement, there are certain rules you should abide by:

  • Allow for at least 18 inches of space between the coffee table and sofa.
  • Make sure the coffee table is no larger than two-thirds the length of the sofa.
  • Coffee tables should always be in easy reach of the couch.
  • For smaller spaces, consider a round coffee table instead of a rectangular one.

Balance and Symmetry

It is also important to consider the layout of your living space when deciding where to place the coffee table. You want to create balance and symmetry within the room. Decide whether you prefer a more symmetrical look, with the coffee table at the center of the room, or a small space with the coffee table positioned closer to the sofa.

In Conclusion

As with any piece of furniture, placement is key to creating an inviting and comfortable living room. When selecting a spot for your coffee table, make sure to observe the 18 inch rule, keep the length of the table within two-thirds the length of your sofa, and consider the overall symmetry of the room. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to create a cozy, stylish living area.

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