how far should a coffee table be from a sofa

Distance Between Coffee Table And Sofa

If you’re looking to furnish a room, there are certain pieces of furniture that you must consider. One of them is the coffee table, which will provide a centerpiece in the living room and often be used as an extra surface to put drinks and snacks on. So, how far should a coffee table be from a sofa?

Ideal Distance

Ideally, a coffee table should be between 12-18 inches away from the sofa. This distance gives people enough room to stretch their legs while still offering a comfortable reach to the table. This space will also depend on the size of both pieces of furniture.

Factors To Consider

When deciding on the perfect distance between the coffee table and the sofa, there are some things to consider too:

  • Size of the room: If the room is small, it might be better to place the coffee table closer to the sofa, as this will create a sense of closeness and create the illusion of a bigger room.
  • Feng shui: According to feng shui, the position of your coffee table should be determined by how it ‘fits’ with the energy of the room. Make sure the coffee table is placed in a balanced and harmonious way with the sofa.
  • Number of people: Of course, if the sofa is going to be used by several people it’s best to keep the table close enough so that everyone can easily reach it.


Ultimately, the distance between the coffee table and sofa should be decided according to your own preferences and needs. Make sure to take into account the size of the room, the energy of the space and how many people will be sitting on the sofa. When you take all of these factors into consideration, you can be sure to find the right spot for the coffee table.

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