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How Far Away Should Your Coffee Table Be From Your Couch?

Whether you’re in the planning stages of a new living room or giving your existing setup an update, placement of furniture is key. Coffee tables should be placed far enough away from couches and other seating to allow for comfortable conversation and circulation. But how far away should your coffee table be from the couch?

Allow for Clear Circulation and Conversation

The general rule of thumb for the ideal distance between a couch and coffee table is 18 to 24 inches. This distance allows for enough room for people to walk or pass through, yet still feel cozy and comfortable with each other.

It also leaves ample space for people to place their feet and have a drink or snack without them needing to stretch or lean forward.

Set Clear Guidelines for Your Space

When planning the space, try to create a visual or physical guide that will help you determine the distance between furniture items in your living room. A few easy ways to do this include:

  • Create a template. Mark the desired distance on a ruler or yardstick, and desingate a certain amount of space between couches and coffee tables.
  • Use marking dots. Use small sticky dots to map out the desired distance between the coffee table and a couch.
  • Measure it out. Identify a focal point that can serve as your starting point, then use a measuring tape to measure out the desired distance between pieces.

Determine the Right Fit for Your Space

Most furniture is sold with a standard length and width, so try to work within those parameters when planning your space. If you’re in a small room, for example, you might opt for a smaller coffee table to avoid overcrowding. On the other hand, in larger spaces, longer couches will likely require bigger coffee tables.

The important thing is to stick to the 18- to 24-inch distance between the couch and the coffee table, and to make sure you choose pieces that are the right size and shape for your room.


The ideal distance between a couch and coffee table is 18 to 24 inches. This allows for comfortable conversation and circulation in the room. When selecting pieces, keep in mind the size and shape of the space, and use a template or measuring tape to ensure your furniture is placed at the correct distance.

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