how does nashua glass make a glass top coffee table

How does Nashua Glass Make a Glass Top Coffee Table

At Nashua Glass, we take great pride in crafting the perfect glass top coffee tables. Durable and elegant, our glass tables are designed to last for years. Here is the process we use to make a quality glass top coffee table:

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting the Glass

Our glass professionals begin by measuring and cutting the glass to the desired size using a specialized cutting machine. The glass pieces are then given a slight beveling to provide a beautiful finished look to the edges.

Step 2: Preparing the Frame

The frame of the coffee table is then constructed using strong metal or wood. The frame is fitted with four levelers to prevent wobbling or tipping when in use.

Step 3: Applying the Edge Work

The glass is then encased with edge work – a piece of plastic or stainless steel – to give the frame a finished, polished look. This prevents the glass from chipping, cracking, or breaking.

Step 4: Adhering the Table Top

To secure the glass top in place, a specialized adhesive is used to adhere the glass top to the frame.

Step 5: Toughen up the glass

A process called tempering is used to make the glass more resilient and less likely to crack or shatter when impacted. During the tempering process, the glass is rapidly cooled, which causes the glass to form a tightly bonded outer layer that resists impact and stress.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

To give the coffee table a finished look, Nashua Glass then adds any desired finishes, including:

  • Staining: to give the frame a darker color or to coordinate with the color of the room.
  • Painting: to give the frame a splash of color and visual interest.
  • Polishing: to ensure the glass and frame have a smooth and even finish.

Finally, all necessary hardware is added, such as decorative knobs or handles.

At Nashua Glass, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a quality glass top coffee table. With our combined experience and expertise, we take great care to make sure each glass top coffee table is crafted with precision and attention to detail. Contact us today to get started on the perfect glass top coffee table for your home.

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