how does a round game coffee table adjust lift

How Does a Round Game Coffee Table Adjust Lift?

A Round Game Coffee Table is a large round coffee table that is outfitted with a range of gaming options. Popular with large families and social gatherings, these unique coffee tables offer competitive fun while providing a convenient central surface for drinks and snacks. Through the use of a lift system, these tables enable the height adjustment of the top surface, so you can game in comfort and customise each round to suit the players.

Understanding a Round Game Coffee Table

The primary feature of a round game coffee table is its adjustable lift system, which is comprised of:

  • Table Top: A large, round coffee table top that is specifically designed to accommodate gaming accessories and snacks.
  • Base: The base unit is the main support structure that supports the lift system and the table top’s weight.
  • Lift System: The adjustable lift system is the mechanism by which table height can be adjusted.

Adjusting Lift for a Round Game Coffee Table

The adjustable lift system of a round game coffee table enables a convenient one-person adjustment of the table’s height. To adjust the lift, you should:

  • Unscrew the hand-screw knob located beneath the table top.
  • Position the ratchet handle onto the lift lever rod and tightens the lift handle knob to secure it.
  • Adjust the height setting by toggling the lift handle forward and backward until the desired site is reached.
  • Tighten the hand-screw knob to ensure the adjustment and ensure the lever is firmly in place.

Your round game coffee table should now be adjusted to the desired height. By using this lift system, you can easily adjust the top surface of your table to suit the comfort and enjoyment of the people playing the game.

With this easy one-person adjustment system, it’s fast and simple to get your game going and provide everyone with a comfortable gaming experience. A round game coffee table is the perfect solution for a fun and convenient solution, offering smiles and laughter round the table.

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