how does a glass coffee percolator work

How Does a Glass Coffee Percolator Work?

A glass coffee percolator is a great way to make a delicious cup of coffee that is full of flavor and aroma. The percolator is a simple device that uses hot, boiling water to extract the flavor and aroma from ground coffee. It is an old-fashioned way of brewing coffee, and it is still popular today.

The Basics

A glass coffee percolator has two main parts: a lower chamber where water is heated, and an upper chamber where the coffee grounds are placed. The two chambers are connected by a tube, and when the hot water rises up, it passes through the coffee grounds, allowing the flavor and aroma to be extracted. As the coffee is brewed, the resulting liquid is drawn back down into the lower chamber where it is ready to drink.

How it Works

The glass coffee percolator works by utilizing a simple process of boiling water and infusion. Once the water is heated in the lower chamber, it starts to rise, passing through the tube and into the upper chamber. The coffee grounds snugly fit in the upper chamber, and the water passes through the coffee, extracting flavor and oils on its way back down.


There are many advantages associated with using a glass coffee percolator.

  • Better Flavor: With a glass percolator, you get a stronger and more concentrated flavor as the hot water is pushed and pulled through the grounds multiple times.
  • Aroma: Since the hot water passes through the grounds multiple times, you get a strong and delightful aroma. The steam created during the process helps to enhance the aroma.
  • Affordable: Glass coffee percolators are relatively affordable and can often be found for a fraction of the cost of other brewing methods.


Glass coffee percolators are a great way to make a delicious cup of coffee that is full of flavor and aroma. The percolator uses a simple process to extract the flavor and oils from the ground coffee, and the resulting cup of coffee is sure to be an enjoyable experience.

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