how do you paint waves on glass coffee table

How To Paint Waves On A Glass Coffee Table

Painting waves on a glass coffee table is a unique and creative way to update the appearance of your furniture. With a few simple supplies, you can create stunning beach-inspired artwork in no time!

What You’ll Need

  • Glass cleaner
  • Painter’s tape
  • Glass paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1: Clean the surface of the glass table. Using a glass cleaner and lint-free cloth, make sure the entire surface is free of dust and debris.
  • Step 2: Tape the edges of the table. Using painter’s tape, line the edges of the table with tape and be sure to press the tape firmly against the glass to promote better adhesion.
  • Step 3: Prepare the paint. Once you have all of your supplies, you can begin preparing your paint. Start by pouring a small amount of glass paint into a paint tray or container. Using a paintbrush, mix the paint until it is fully blended. You may add a small amount of water, if necessary.
  • Step 4: Paint the waves onto the glass. Using the paintbrush, start in one corner of the table and begin to paint the waves onto the glass. Move the brush in a wavy motion and add more paint as needed. Continue this process until you reach the other side of the table.
  • Step 5: Let the paint dry. Once all of the paint is on the table, allow it to dry completely before applying any additional coats. This may take up to 24 hours, depending on the paint and conditions.
  • Step 6: Remove the tape. Once the paint is dry, start peeling away the tape from the edges. You may need to use a sponge dipped in warm water to help remove the tape if it is stubborn.
  • Step 7: Enjoy your new artwork! Now that you have completed the project, you can enjoy your new beach-inspired glass coffee table.

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