how do you decorate a glass coffee table

Decorate Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are a stylish way to decorate any room of your home. With the transparent surface, you can make sure that your coffee table adds to the charm of the room. Here are some ideas to help you use your glass coffee table to its full potential!

1. Use a Statement Piece Underneath

Your glass coffee table is the perfect place to show off a show-stopping statement piece. Choose something that catches the eye and adds texture to the table. It could be anything from a bright rug, art piece, or patterned pillow that stands out against the glass.

2. Showcase Greenery

Bring a bit of the outdoors inside by showcasing some greenery on your glass coffee table. Place some potted plants or a bouquet of flowers in the center of the table to bring a pop of colour. You could also place some fairy lights under the glass to create a gentle glow.

3. Keep the Design Super Simple

Sometimes, less is more. Keep the design of your glass coffee table minimal and stylish by keeping some space around the table. Place a few books, candles, or succulents around, but don’t overfill the table.

4. Place Wall Art Above

Once you’ve finished decorating the surface of the table, turn to the wall above. Choose a piece of wall art that ties in with the colours and style you used below the table. You could place a few pieces above to create a gallery wall, or choose one show-stopping piece to make a statement.

5. Add a Cozy Throw

Finally, add a cozy and inviting touch by draping a throw blanket over the sides of your glass coffee table. Choose a style and colour that will complement the other items on the table. This will not only make your coffee table look more inviting, but also mean you will always be comfortable when curled up with a book.

Decorating your glass coffee table can be a fun way to add a touch of personality to any room. Use the above ideas to make sure your glass coffee table looks stylish and chic!

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