how do you cover up a chpped glass coffee table

How to Hide a Chipped Glass Coffee Table

Everyone wants their living room to look its best, but accidents are inevitable – even if that accident includes chipping your beautiful glass coffee table. Here’s how to hide the damage and keep your space looking sophisticated:

1. Cover it Up with a Tablecloth

A simple tablecloth is an easy, inexpensive way to hide the chipped area. Chances are, you’ll want to stick to neutral colors, as busy prints could draw more attention to the damage.

2. Put Things on Top

Decorative items, such as books, a bowl of potpourri, candles, or a flower arrangement can help distract from the chip. Be sure to choose pieces that are the same size and color as the table, or that complement the table, so that it looks natural.

3. Use a Table Runner or Placemats

Table runners can be used as a kind of “middle ground” between a tablecloth and nothing. Placemats are also effective, as they can continue the color and texture of the original table without completely covering it up.

4. Fix it with a DIY Repair Kit

If you feel comfortable using a DIY repair kit, you can fix the chipped area and make it almost invisible. These kits are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Make sure to read the instructions and use the right tools.

5. Replace the Glass Top

This is the most expensive option, but if you have a valuable table, it may be worth the cost. You can find replacement glass tops online or visit a local craft store.


Chipping your glass coffee table can be frustrating, but with a few small tricks, you can make the damage almost unnoticeable. Choose the option that works best for you and your budget and enjoy your perfectly charming living room.

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