how do they make glass coffee pots

How Do They Make Glass Coffee Pots?

Glass coffee pots are a popular home accessory that many people use to make coffee on a regular basis. But have you ever wondered how glass coffee pots are made? In this article you’ll find out just exactly how glass coffee pots are made.

Creating the Mold for the Base

Before a glass coffee pot is formed, the first step is to create a mold for the base. This usually consists of two pieces: a main piece that forms the body and a separate piece that connects to the stem. Depending on the style of the pot, the mold may include other intricate pieces as well. The mold is then filled with a plaster and sand mixture and left to dry.

Forming the Glass

Once the mold is ready, the glass is formed. Glass blowing, either done by hand or by machine, is used to shape the glass before it’s put into the mold. The glass blower will create an “inverted pot,” which is then carefully lowered and placed upside down into the plaster and sand mold. At this point, the glass is heated and shaped to take on the form of the mold.

Finishing Up

When the glass has been sufficiently heated and shaped, the inside of the pot is wiped out, and a small hole is created for the stem. The pot is then removed from the mold, the stem is attached and fastened, and the handle is put on. The pot is then tested for strength and durability and any imperfections are removed.

Final Touches

The final step in producing a glass coffee pot is to add the finishing touches. This includes adding decorations, such as etching or coloring, to the pot. Once all the finishing touches have been added, the coffee pot is ready to be used or sold.


Creating glass coffee pots is an intricate process that involves a few steps. From creating the mold and forming the glass to adding the finishing touches, it is clear that glass coffee pots are produced with care and precision. If you have ever wondered how glass coffee pots are made, now you have the answer.

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