how do they make glass coffee pots


Glass coffee pots are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to make great tasting coffee. But how exactly do they make these coffee pots from glass? Below we will look at the steps involved in producing a glass coffee pot.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The glass used to make a coffee pot is typically heat-resistant borosilicate glass. It is also possible to use standard glass, but due to its low melting point, it is not as durable. The other materials needed to construct a glass coffee pot are a blowing pipe, fire, and tongs.

Step 2: Forming the Glass

Using the blowing pipe, the glassmaker must first form the desired shape. To do this, they must start by heating the pipe using a flame or other heat source. Once the pipe is hot enough, they must attach a small amount of glass to the end and begin to shape it.

Step 3: Blowing the Glass

The next step is to blow the glass. Using their breath, the glassmaker must blow air into the pipe and expand the bubble of glass. As the bubble grows, it is possible to shape the glass into various designs.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

After the bubble has been blown, it is time to finish the pot. Using tongs, the glassmaker must now shape the handle, spout, and other features. This is done by heating certain parts of the glass and then using the tongs to shape them.


Glass coffee pots are a popular item due to their ability to make great-tasting coffee. The process of constructing them is a long and complicated one that requires skill and precision. Through the steps of gathering materials, forming the glass, blowing the glass, and finishing it off with the final touches, a glass coffee pot can be created.

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