how do i remove scratches from a glass coffee table

How to Remove Scratches from a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can be great ways to bring luxury and style to any living space. However, when scratches appear on the surface, it can be difficult to know how to repair it without replacing the whole thing. Fortunately, there are some do-it-yourself fixes you can use to make your scratched glass coffee table look like new again.

What You’ll Need:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • A Soft Cloth
  • Glass Scratch Remover Commercial Product
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cleaning Gloves


  • Start by cleaning the glass with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Make sure the cloth is soft and clean to avoid further scratching the glass.
  • If the scratches are shallow, you may be able to simply buff them out with the cloth and a glass cleaner. Buff the scratches in a circular motion.
  • If the scratches are deeper, you may need to use a commercial glass scratch remover. This product can be found in many hardware stores and home centers. Make sure to use the product as instructed and wear protective cleaning gloves.
  • If the glass scratch remover doesn’t work, you may need to try using nail polish remover. First, try applying a small amount to a cotton swab and then use it to buff the scratches in a circular motion. Dip the swab in the nail polish remover as needed.
  • Once you’ve finished, wipe the glass clean with a cloth and glass cleaner. Allow the glass to air dry before you put anything on the coffee table.

With a bit of elbow grease and the right materials, you can make most scratches disappear from your glass coffee table. Give it a try and you’ll find that you can restore your glass coffee table to like-new condition!

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