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How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

Are you looking to refresh your living room? One easy way to spruce up your space is with a stylish and functional coffee table design. Here are some tips to help you create a show-stopping display.

Choose a Theme

Choose a theme or color palette that reflects the style of your living room. If your walls are a soft oatmeal color, try navy and cream accents for a nautical feel. A modern room may look great with geometric designs and metallic accents.

Find the Perfect Focal Piece

A great way to start your coffee table decorating is to select a focal piece. This can be something like a vase, a vintage tray, or a sculpture. This item should be the eye-catching centerpiece of your display.

Layer with Textiles

Textiles, like throw pillows and throws, can add texture and depth to a coffee table. Consider adding a beautiful patterned rug or a contrasting throw blanket.

Add Books and Accessories

Books can be a great addition to any coffee table design. Choose coffee table reads that match the theme of your living room. Other items, like trays and art pieces, add interest and can be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Display Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers, such as tulips or hydrangeas, are a beautiful way to bring life to your coffee table. Add a few branches, or cut some grasses, to fill out the arrangement.

Accessorize with Candles and Plants

Candles and plants are great accessories for coffee table designs. Try a scented candle to bring in a pleasant aroma. Succulents or air plants are a low-maintenance addition that look great.

Things to Remember

  • Choose a theme or color palette.
  • Find the perfect focal piece.
  • Layer with textiles.
  • Add books and accessories.
  • Display fresh flowers.
  • Accessorize with candles and plants.

Decorating your coffee table can be a fun and creative way to refresh your living room. Try using these tips to create the perfect centerpiece for your home.

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