how close should a coffee table be to a couch

Coffee Table Proximity to the Couch

The relationship between a coffee table and a couch is important in the interior décor of the home. It is not only about finding the right aesthetic combination for design in living rooms but also comfort for best use. The following are considerations for finding the perfect distance.

Size of Area

The size of the room will naturally dictate size of the furniture combos and even distance between the coffee table and the couch. When the area is small, a large coffee table will make the space feel too cramped, whereas a smaller one will make it feel more spacious.

Table Height

The ideal height of a coffee table depends on the type of seating arrangement. Sofas and chairs with arms should be considered when measuring. Ideally, the table should be positioned under the arms of the said seating to ensure a comfortable laying of arms and distance between the coffee table and the couch.

Room Use Measured

Another variable to keep in mind is how the room will be used. Are there usually many people gathered in the room or just a few? If there are usually larger groups, the coffee table should be close enough for drinks but not too close. Conversely, for a space dedicated for a handful of people, a shorter distance might allow for better table and seat utilisation.

Visual Appeal

The last piece of the puzzle is keeping in visual appeal. If the space is part of a pull-out design, the coffee table should mirror the sofa’s lines and shape, being a dining tables in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, for modern design, no more than 3-4 feet of distance between the coffee table and the couch is advised for a more streamlined look.

In conclusion, the distance between a coffee table and a couch depends on the available space, table height, room’s use, and visual appeal. It requires proper measurement and combination of the above to bring the best out of the space.

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