how can i update my metal and glass coffee tables

Steps On How to Update Metal And Glass Coffee Tables

Updating your dated metal and glass coffee tables can give your space an updated, modern look. Whether you plan to add unexpected texture or pops of colors, these simple steps can update your coffee tables very easily.

Step 1: Paint And Sand

For those who have metal and glass coffee tables, you’ll want to give them a new coat of paint. Invest in some quality sandpaper to properly prepare your tables for a new paint job. Sand until there are no more gloss or gloss residue on them. Next, make sure to go with a good quality of paint, such as oil-based paint, as it will stick better to the surface.

Step 2: Rugs and Fabrics

After you have given your tables a makeover with paint, you can start to experiment with the top of the table. You can invest in a beautiful rug or furniture cover in order to give your tables a stylish, textured look. Some of the best options to consider are faux-leather and jute fabrics, as they can bring out the beauty in your tables even more. Keep in mind that going with a rug isn’t the only way to add a detail to your tables. You can also consider adding books and decorative objects as well.

Step 3: Accessorize

To complete the look of your tables, you’ll want to accessorize! There are many options to spruce up your tables, from flowers in vases, to succulents, to candles and lamps. Consider going with floral arrangements in various sizes. Adding candles and lamps with gold and metallic shades can give your tables a modern and sophisticated look.

Step 4: Maintenance

Always remember to clean and maintain your tables in order for them to look their best and prevent them from developing rust spots. Make sure to regularly use a soft dust cloth to clean your tables and keep it free of dust and dirt.

Following these steps can help you easily and quickly update your metal and glass coffee tables!


  • Invest in good quality sandpaper
  • Go with quality paint, such as oil based paint
  • Try faux leather and jute fabric for an unexpected texture
  • Accessorize with candles, lamps, flowers and books
  • Maintain your tables regularly with a soft dust cloth

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