how can i paint my coffee table

Painting a Coffee Table


  • Choose the color of paint you would like to use
  • Remove the coffee table from its original space
  • Clean the surface of the table with a damp cloth
  • Put some newspaper or other type of drop cloth on the floor under the coffee table
  • Strip any existing paint with a paint stripper
  • Sand the area with coarse-grit sandpaper
  • Wipe the surface of the table with a damp cloth
  • Let the table completely dry

Painting the Table

  • Use a paintbrush and paint in long, even strokes
  • If you are using two colors for the base coats, let the first coat dry thoroughly before applying the second color
  • Let the base coats dry completely and add more coats until the desired color is reached
  • When the base coats have dried, use a sandpaper to lightly sand any drips or uneven areas
  • Apply a sealer over the basecoat to protect the paint job
  • Let the sealer dry, and then apply a final coat of paint if desired

Finishing Up

  • Clean the paint brushes with warm, soapy water
  • Transfer the coffee table back to its original place
  • Enjoy your refreshed coffee table!

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