how big should coffee table be in related to couch

How Big Should a Coffee Table Be in Relation to a Couch?

Coffee tables are an essential furnishing for providing an attractive and cohesive design to any living space. When choosing a coffee table, the right size is essential to ensure it complements the couch and other furniture in the room.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Table:

  • Size of the Couch: Select a coffee table that is approximately two-thirds the length of your couch. If your couch is a sectional, consider the length of the longest section of the couch to determine the size of the coffee table.
  • Height of the Table: Make sure the top of the table is around the same height as the top of the sofa’s armrest. The standard height for a coffee table is 17-inches. Measure the height of your couch by measuring the deck (the cushion’s top) to the floor and adding 10-inches for the optimal table height.
  • Shape of the Table: The shape of the table should relate to the shape of your couch, as well as the other furniture in the room. If your sofa or other furniture has curved lines, consider a curved table—round, oval, or kidney shaped. If most of the furniture is straight edged, then a rectangular or square shaped table may be the best choice.
  • Space between the Table and Couch: Leave plenty of room for walking around the table and for you to comfortably set things down on the table without blocking pathways. Sufficient space between the table and couch will also allow the natural flow of conversation around the room.


Choosing the ideal coffee table for your space is essential to create a functional and visually appealing room. When determining the size of the table it is important to consider the length and height of your couch and to factor in the surrounding furniture and layout. With the right size, shape, and placement of the coffee table, you can bring the entire room together and make it a warm and inviting place to spend time.

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