how big should coffee table be in related to couch

How Big Should a Coffee Table Be in Relation to a Sofa?

Creating a living room that has a coherent look, feel, and flow can be a challenge. It’s not simply a matter of grouping together furniture pieces and decor, although those are important decisions to make. Each piece of furniture, including the sofa and coffee table, must be sized and placed in proportion to the other items in the room. Read on to determine how big coffee tables should be in relation to sofas.

Coffee Table Proportion

When seating is the primary function, the front of the sofa should be no more than four inches away from the coffee table. This allows enough room for people to comfortably reach over and place items on the surface of the coffee table without straining or over-stretching. The optimal distance is a couple of inches, but this can vary depending on the size of the sofa and the coffee table.

Size of Coffee Table

Typically, the size of the coffee table should equal two-thirds of the length of the sofa. This ratio works well for most couch sizes, from the smallest loveseat to the longest sofa. If your sofa is 84-inches, then a table that is 56-inches long will be the ideal size.

Clearance Space

For furniture that has arms and high back cushions, it is important to measure from the nearest arm to the nearest arm of the sofa. This helps to ensure that the coffee table sits at an appropriate distance from the seating. The end of the table should be at least 10 inches away from the furniture piece, to provide enough clearance for people to easily get in and out of their seats.

Coffee Table Style

Be sure to consider the depth, height, and width in addition to the length. Lower custom tables that are 14- to 18-inches high provide a space-saving solution. The style of the furniture should also be taken into account. Glass, wood, or metal tables can give a variety of different looks while still working with the size of the sofa.

Bottom Line

When selecting the optimal size of a coffee table in relation to a couch, it is important to consider the dimensions, the distance between the objects, and the overall style. This helps to ensure that the living room space is comfortable and has an aesthetically pleasing flow.

Key Points:

  • Coffee tables should be two-thirds the length of the sofa.
  • Allow clearance of at least 10 inches between the coffee table and any arms of the sofa.
  • Don’t forget to consider depth, height and width in addition to the length.
  • Choose a style of table that fits the ambiance of the living room.

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