how big should coffee table be

How Big Should a Coffee Table Be?

When purchasing furniture for a living room, there are several things you should consider – size being one of them. More specifically, how big should a coffee table be? Read on to learn some tips on finding the right size coffee table for your living space.

Start by Measuring the Room

Before you can even begin shopping for furniture, it’s best to measure the room. Take careful measurements of those that are most relevant to your coffee table, such as the width, length, and any alcoves.

Once you have the measurements, add together the width and length of the room to get an approximate area. When it comes to a coffee table, the ideal size it should cover roughly one-third of the entire area of the room.

Take Into Consideration the Size of Your Seating

Look at the seating in your living area and determine its size. If the chairs and sofa are on the larger side, consider a larger coffee table. If the seating is on the smaller side, opt for a smaller coffee table.

A quick rule of thumb is to look for a coffee table that has approximately two-thirds the length of the primary seating, such as a sofa. This will help you determine what size would be best.

Finding the Best Shape

Most people go for a rectangular coffee table, but depending on your space, a square or even rounded table could be an option. Here are some tips to help you figure out what shape is best for your living room:

  • Rectangular – Rectangular tables typically work best for long, narrow spaces.
  • Square – Square tables are great for creating balance in a square-shaped room.
  • Rounded – If you are looking to make your living room appear more spacious, a round table can achieve that effect.

Putting It All Together

To conclude, while finding the right size coffee table can be a challenge, it is more than possible if you keep these tips in mind. Start by measuring your room, paying particular attention to its area. Then, look for a table that covers about one-third of the described area. When it comes to the shape, consider rectangular for long, narrow spaces, square for square rooms, and rounded to make a room appear more spacious. If you stick to these tips, you should have no trouble finding the perfect coffee table for your living space.

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