how big should a coffee table tray be

How Big Should a Coffee Table Tray be?

Having a tray on your coffee table is a great way to organize and decorate your living space. But how do you decide on the right size tray for your coffee table?

Consider the Size of Your Table

The most important factor in determining the size of the coffee table tray is the size of your coffee table. Measure the length and width of your coffee table and use these measurements when selecting a tray. You should be able to find one that fits nicely on top of the table.

Choosing a Style of Tray

There are a variety of styles and sizes of trays available in stores and online. If you want to add a decorative touch to your tray, consider a tray with a pattern or material such as wicker or rattan. You might also want to select a tray with handles if you plan to move it around often.

Choose the Right Shape of Tray

Think about the shape of the tray you need. Rectangular or square trays are the most common shapes, but you may also want to consider round or oval trays.

Make Sure You Allow Movement Around the Tray

When selecting the size of the tray, it is important to make sure that you leave enough space around the edges of the tray so that it doesn’t impede movement or interfere with other items on the coffee table.


Choosing the right size tray for your coffee table depends on a variety of factors including the size and shape of your table, the style of tray, and the amount of space you need to leave around it. With careful consideration, you can find the perfect tray that accents your living space.

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