how big should a coffee table tray be

How Big Should a Coffee Table Tray Be?

Decorating an area with a stylish tray is an easy way to make a room look polished and inviting. Coffee table trays can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it can be difficult to decide how big your tray should you get. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding on the size of a coffee table tray.

Size of Coffee Table

The size of your coffee table is one of the primary factors to take into account when choosing the size of the tray. If your coffee table is large then you’ll want a bigger tray for it so that it doesn’t look lost on the table. If you have a smaller coffee table then a smaller tray can still act as a great centerpiece and bring the area together.

Size of Room

Considering the size of the room you are planning to place the tray in is a great way to help you decide how big the tray should be. If the room is very large, then a large tray can really stand out in a good way. If it’s a smaller room then a smaller tray can still provide a great statement without feeling overwhelming.

Decorating with a Tray

You may also want to take into consideration what decorations you would like to use on top of the tray. When it comes to decorating with a tray bigger is always better. It provides more room to work with and allows you to have more flexibility when deciding which items to use.

Here are few things to consider when choosing the size of

  • Size of Coffee Table
  • Size of Room
  • Decorating with a Tray

By taking these factors into account you can easily find the best size for your coffee table tray. Whether its small or large, a decorative tray can add a great touch to any room.

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