how big should a coffee table rug be

How Big Should a Coffee Table Rug Be?

Adding rugs to your décor can bring life to a room and give it a cozy, homey feel. One area to consider adding a rug is beneath your coffee table. Although the addition of a rug is often a purely aesthetic decision, there is also style and sizing to consider.


The style of the rug is relative to the other items that occupy and adorn your room. You’ll need to consider the style of furniture, wall colour, and floor colour when choosing the colour of your rug. The rug size should be in proportion with the room and stay in harmony with it.


The size of the rug will depend on the size of the coffee table. Generally, a rectangular coffee table should have an appropriately sized rug.

  • Small Coffee Table: If the sides of the table go no further than the width of the chairs, a rug should extend beyond the chair on each side by at least 24 inches.
  • Medium Coffee Table: For a coffee table between four and six feet, the rug should extend an additional 12 to 24 inches beyond each side of the chairs.
  • Large Coffee Table: For a coffee table that’s larger than six feet long, a rug should add additional length to the table. Anywhere from three to five feet of rug should extend beyond the sides of the chairs.

By adding an average standard rug to the coffee table, it could make the area look much larger and provide that “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. The real trick to finding the perfect coffee table rug for you is to find one that fits well with your décor, but not too large. It’s important that you measure the area of your coffee table and chair combination before going rug shopping. With the right measurements, you’ll be able to choose the right rug for you and your coffee table.

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