how big is a normal coffee table

The Size of a Normal Coffee Table

Coffee tables add a lot of personality to a living space and provide a great center-piece for conversation and activities. But, how big should it be? There’s no definitive “one-size-fits-all” answer, but there are some factors to consider when selecting a coffee table.

Coffee Table Dimensions

Generally, modern coffee tables range from 16 inches to 18 inches in height, and from 40 inches to 48 inches in length. Depending on the size of your living space, the width and shape of your coffee table can vary. Rectangular coffee tables will typically be 15 – 18 inches in width. If you have a large open concept living space, you may want to consider a wider rectangular table.

If you are looking for a round, modern coffee table, you should aim for something that is 16 – 17 inches in height and about 40 – 42 inches in diameter. Keep in mind, the diameter of the table will determine how many people can comfortably use it and how much surface area is available for items like drinks and snacks.

In conclusion, a normal coffee table should have these dimensions:

  • Height: 16 inches to 18 inches
  • Length: 40 inches to 48 inches
  • Width: 15 inches to 18 inches
  • For round tables, should be 16-17 inches in height and 40-42 inches in diameter

By considering the shape, size and style of your living space, you can easily determine the right size coffee table for your room.

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