how big is a coffee table

How Big is a Coffee Table?

Adding a coffee table to your living area is a great way to provide a place to display your favorite decor and rest drinks and snacks. Before investing in one though, it’s important to make sure you know what size will fit your space. So just how big is a coffee table?

Coffee Table Dimensions

The typical dimensions of a coffee table are:

  • Length: 40-50”
  • Width: 18-24”
  • Height: 14-18”

These averages are based on the dimensions of a rectangular-shaped coffee table, which are most popular. However, many other shapes, including round and oval, are available as well. The size of the coffee table in these shapes can vary from one to another, so it’s important to measure the specific piece you intend to purchase.

Finding the Right Size for Your Space

Size will vary based upon the shape and measurements of your living area. To find the ideal fit, consider the following tips:

  • Leave at least 18” between the perimeter of the coffee table and walls and furniture pieces.
  • Make sure your TV table is at least 15” away from the coffee table while allowing space to walk around it.
  • Choose a height that matches the furniture in the room and the average arm height while sitting.
  • Choose length and width based on couch size and the amount of space needed to walk around it.

To get a better idea of how bigger or smaller certain sized tables can look, you can use an online room planner and drag and drop a virtual table into the space to see how it looks in your room.


The standard size of a rectangular-shaped coffee table is 40-50″ in length, 18-24″ in width, and 14-18″ in height. But it’s important to measure the space you want to fill and factor in the furniture and pathways of the room. By following the size tips and using a room planner, you’ll be sure to find the perfect size for your home.

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