how a coffee table can kill you

How a Coffee Table Can Kill You

A seemingly harmless piece of furniture, the coffee table has been a staple of the American home for generations. Unfortunately, this everyday essential can actually be a source of death and injury.

By Falling

Accidents with coffee tables are often related to falls. It’s relatively easy for a person in a hurry to lose their footing, slip and collide with a coffee table. The corner of the table can make contact with the head, chin or stomach, inflicting serious injury and in some cases, death. Specifically, the danger is associated with modern tempered glass tables and heavy wood tables with sharp corners.

By Overloading it

Another danger when it comes to coffee tables are the potential breaking from being overloaded. If too much weight is placed onto the table, either through items placed on it or a person leaning on it too hard, it’s possible for the table to collapse and cause injury due to the falling fragments. According to Consumer Reports, this is most common in glass-top or particleboard tables.

Precautions You Can Take

  • Choose the right materials – seek out tables with rounded or soft corners and especially avoid those with sharp corners.
  • Secure the table – use wall anchors to make sure the table is secure and won’t easily fall over.
  • Limit weight – be careful not to place more weight than the table can handle.

It’s easy to forget that seemingly innocuous coffee tables can be a serious danger. However, taking precautions and being aware of the pitfalls can help families stay safe and injury-free.

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