does your tv stand have to match coffee table

Creating A Unified Living Room Style with Matching Furniture

Designing a living room can be an overwhelming task. One of the biggest decisions is choosing furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Do your TV stand and coffee table have to match for a living room to look stylish? Despite popular belief, the answer is “No”. Creating a unified look doesn’t have to mean identical pieces of furniture. Here are some tips on choosing compatible furniture for your living room:

Choose Colors that Blend

If you choose furniture with the same color finishes and wood tones, you can create a cohesive design without matching pieces. Natural wood tones like oak and dark walnut blend well together, as do cool gray, white, and black finishes. Pay attention to the colors used in the room – if there’s an accent wall in a darker color, opt for furniture that matches or accents it.

Accent with Textiles and Artwork

Textiles, artwork, and decorations are a great way to unify different styles of furniture. Bring in colors, fabrics, and accessories that unify the look of different pieces. This also helps to add a personal touch to the room by adding in your own taste.

Consider Proportions

For furniture that isn’t uniform, consider the proportions. Make sure the size and shape of your pieces are compatible. A big and bulky TV stand won’t look great next to a petite and airy coffee table. It’s also important to consider the height of your furniture – it should be low enough for viewing and reclining, and high enough for a comfortable standing experience.

In conclusion, matching furniture is not necessary for a unified look. As long as colors and finishes complement each other and furniture pieces look proportional in size and height, different styles of furniture can look great together. With some creativity and appropriate accents, you can create a beautiful, harmonious living room.

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