does your coffee table need to match tv stand

Does Your Coffee Table Need to Match Your TV Stand?

Choosing furniture for living room layout can be difficult. One of the biggest questions is if your coffee table needs to match your TV stand. Decorating with matching furniture isn’t a necessity, but there are some tips you should keep in mind.

Look for Complimentary Colors

Even if you don’t opt for a matching set, it’s still wise to match some elements such as the color. Look for similar hues and shades in furniture pieces. Consider the wall color and other items in the room when making choices too. Picking complimentary colors can tie everything together in the space.

Choose Different Shapes

If you want to contrast furniture in your space, choose different shapes. A bit of contrast can add visual interest to the room. Matching pieces don’t have to be the same shape. For example, if you have a round TV stand, you may want to choose a rectangular-shaped coffee table.

Mix Textures

Mixing textures is an easy way to create contrast in living spaces. You may match color but choose a different material for the furniture. As an example, you might pair a classic wood TV stand with a glass coffee table.

Decorate With Accents

Decorating with accents is a great way to bridge the gap between two unmatched pieces. You might use a colorful rug, wall art, throw pillows, and more to draw attention to certain areas. Think of your decorations as supporting actors that help add balance to the overall space.

Implement a Theme

Using a theme throughout the space is a good way to tie different pieces together. Perhaps you want to go with a mid-century modern style. Matching pieces with a funky flair can help you achieve this look. Consider the theme before you make any furniture purchases.

Whether you choose to match furniture pieces or contrast them is up to you. Ultimately, choosing the right furniture is all about creating the ambiance you want in the room. With the tips above, you can make your living room look cohesive and stylish.

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