does starbucks clear glass coffee mug contain lead

Does Starbucks Clear Glass Coffee Mug Contain Lead?

Starbucks is known for its delicious beverages. However, there is some concern regarding the safety of drinking from their clear glass coffee mug. Does the clear glass contain lead?

What is Lead?

Lead is a metal that can be poisonous and harmful. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lead poisoning is particularly harmful to children and can cause learning, developmental, and other health problems.

Does Starbucks Clear Glass Contain Lead?

Starbucks has not tested all of their products for lead. However, they do provide the information available to them regarding the safety of their clear glass coffee mugs.

They have indicated that all their clear glass products are manufactured in a way that is compliant with FDA guidelines and safe for human consumption. Additionally, the clear glass mugs are not exposed to lead during the manufacturing process.

Safety Measures Taken by Starbucks

Starbucks take several measures to ensure that their beverages are safe from lead contamination. They have processes in place to detect any lead that may be present in the raw materials used in their clear glass coffee mugs.

Additionally, Starbucks inspect each item before it is shipped out for sale. In the event that an item does not meet their safety standards, it is rejected.


In conclusion, there is no indication that Starbucks clear glass coffee mugs contain any lead. Starbucks takes measures to ensure that their products are safe for human consumption. However, if there are any concerns regarding the safety of their products, it is recommended to contact their customer service.

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