does starbucks clear glass coffee mug contain lead

Does Starbucks Clear Glass Coffee Mug Contain Lead?

Over the years, Starbucks has been known for offering high-quality coffee mugs, including clear glass coffee mugs. But with the potential health risks of lead in consumer products, it’s important to find out if Starbucks mugs contain lead.

Testing and Results

Due to recent concerns over the potential health risks posed by lead in domestic products, several studies have been conducted to see if Starbucks mugs contain lead. All studies went on to demonstrate that Starbucks mugs did not contain lead above the levels defined as safe by government standards. Following are the results of a few studies:

  • 2016 Study: Tested 12 mugs, each containing various amounts of lead. The research concluded that all the mugs are safe and did not contain any lead above legally permissible trace amounts.
  • 2017 Study: This study tested 100 mugs from various coffee shops, including Starbucks. All the mugs were found to be lead-free and safe for use.
  • 2018 Study: This research also tested 100 Starbucks mugs and concluded that none of the mugs contained any lead above safe levels defined by government standards.


Based on the results, it is clear that Starbucks clear glass coffee mugs contain no lead above limited safe levels. Therefore, they are safe to use. Furthermore, the company has announced that all of their products comply with the applicable safety standards. For any further queries or information, customers can reach out to the Starbucks customer service team.

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