does heating empty glass coffee pot shatter it

Can an Empty Glass Coffee Pot Shatter?

Heating an empty glass coffee pot can be a dangerous endeavor, as it could in fact shatter if exposed to a large enough amount of heat. While it may not be the most common occurrence, knowing the risks associated with it is still important. After all, there’s always a chance it could happen.

The Risks Involved

Generally speaking, any material that can withstand normal temperature levels should be fine when exposed to heat. But glass, in particular, is quite temperature sensitive and can easily crack or break if exposed to too much. Thus, it is normally not advised to heat an empty glass coffee pot over a stovetop or any other form of heat source.

What to do Instead

If you’re looking to heat an empty glass coffee pot without risking breakage, there are a few safer alternatives:

  • Microwave: Using a microwave is a much safer option than a stove, as the energy is released in shorter bursts, reducing the risk of shattering.
  • Water Heater: Using a water heater also releases heat in shorter bursts, creating a buffer between the heat and the glass. The water also helps to absorb some of the heat, preventing it from getting too hot.
  • Pre-Heating: Pre-heating the glass coffee pot before placing it over heat is also an effective way to reduce the risk of breakage.

These methods may not be foolproof and can’t guarantee a shatter-free experience, but they will significantly lower the risk and make this endeavor much less dangerous.

By understanding the risks of heating an empty glass coffee pot and knowing how to mitigate them, you can be sure to stay safe when doing so.

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