does heating empty glass coffee pot shatter it

Does heating an empty glass coffee pot shatter it?

Making the perfect cup of coffee relies on your brewer and the beans, but if the brewer is a glass coffee pot there’s something else you need to consider; is it safe to heat an empty glass coffee pot?

Why it can cause a problem

When a glass vessel is heated it can expand, if it’s filled with liquid then this expansion is taken in by the surrounding liquid. But when it’s an empty glass vessel, then the heat has nowhere to expand, thus it places very high pressure on the glass which can cause it to shatter.

Safety Precautions

There are some safety precautions that need to be taken to reduce the risk of your empty glass pot shattering:

  • Always pre-heat with some liquid – You can minimise the risk of your pot shattering by pre-heating your pot with some liquid in it, this gives the heat a place to go and release itself.
  • Be aware of glass cracks – If your glass pot has any chips or cracks, there is more chance of a shock when it’s heated, so it is best to check any potential damage before using.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on it – Another precaution you can take is to not fill your glass pot up too much to make sure no excess pressure is put on it.

The Bottom Line

While it is safe to heat an empty glass such as a glass coffee pot, it is important to take the right safety precautions and understand the risk of it shattering. If you follow the suggestions above, you can greatly reduce the chances of a disaster resulting from overheating.

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