does heating empty glass coffee pot shatter it

Does Heating an Empty Glass Coffee Pot Shatter It?

If you’ve ever accidently heated an empty glass coffee pot on a stovetop, the answer to this question is probably yes! Heating empty glass coffee pots can cause them to shatter unexpectedly, making a mess in the kitchen and possibly even injuring you.

What Causes an Empty Glass Coffee Pot to Shatter?

When a glass coffee pot is heated without liquid, it can cause rapid, intense heat buildup inside the pot. This heat buildup creates very high temperatures and the glass can’t withstand the sudden shock. This causes the glass to crack and shatter.

How Can I Avoid This Happening?

You can avoid the unpleasant surprise of a shattered glass pot by following a few simple tips:

  • Always fill the pot with liquid before heating. This will help disperse the heat, allowing the liquid to boil slowly and evenly.
  • Be sure to use a heat diffuser or hot plate. This will help prevent intense heat from reaching directly to the glass surface and will also help reduce the heat of the stovetop.
  • Don’t leave the pot unattended. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that boiling liquids can cause glass to crack or shatter if left unattended.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that you don’t have a mess to clean up after heating an empty glass coffee pot.

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