does a small living room need a coffee table

Does a Small Living Room Need a Coffee Table?

It’s a question that’s on many minds as square footage often limits larger pieces in small living rooms. Do you really need a coffee table, or is it just a nice-to-have? Here, we’ll explore the pros and cons of a coffee table for a small living room.

Pros of a Coffee Table in a Small Living Room

  • A hub for entertaining. Whether it’s drinks and snacks for a game night or a well-appointed flat lay for morning coffee, a coffee table serves as the go-to spot for entertaining.
  • Storage. A coffee table isn’t just a place to rest a cup of coffee. It can also provide valuable storage with drawers, shelves, and cubbies. Depending on your style, you can utilize hidden storage to de-clutter your living space.
  • Adds a focal point. In a small room, the coffee table can act as a focal point. Even without a large piece of furniture, a stylish coffee table can help bring your room together and make a unique statement.

Cons of a Coffee Table in a Small Living Room

  • Can be bulky. Depending on the style, a coffee table can take up more space than initially anticipated. Be sure to measure the dimensions of a table before bringing it home.
  • Hard to move around. There’s nothing worse than a set-up where you can hardly get out of your chair. If you’re already in a tight space, this can be challenging.
  • Might not be necessary. Even without a coffee table, you can make use of small side tables and pull-up seating. If your primary need is a place to rest drinks, you can opt for an ottoman or footstool instead.


In conclusion, it really depends on the size of your living room and the look you’re going for. Whether you ultimately decide on a coffee table or an alternative option will depend on how you plan to live in the space. Modern furniture can help make the most of a small living room, so explore the options and find what works for you.

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