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Glass Stove

What is a Glass Stove?

A glass stove is a cooking surface that is constructed of heat-resistant tempered glass, pressed on steel and heated by induction. Unlike electric or gas stoves, they do not require a continued flame, instead relying on electric heat. This type of stove is extremely energy efficient and provides consistent temperatures for cooking.

Do You Need a Trivet for a Glass Stove?

A trivet is a tool made of metal or stone, which holds hot cookware up off the surface of the stove. A trivet is usually square or round and has legs which rest on the stovetop to keep the cookware from direct contact with the surface. It is commonly used for removing hot pots and pans from the stove, as well as providing a protective layer between the pot and the cooktop.

Yes, you should use a trivet for any glass stove, as it keeps your cookware away from direct contact with the glass surface. Although most stoves will be designed to withstand heat without cracking or shattering, it doesn’t prevent surfaces from becoming hot. With a trivet in place, you can protect your cookware from any possible breakage or damage.

Moreover, trivets help to distribute the heat from the induction burners of a glass stove. This helps to ensure that food is cooked evenly, instead of having one area being hotter or cooler than the rest.

How to Use a Trivet for a Glass Stove?

  • Choose the right size: It is important to choose a trivet that is the right size for your cookware. If you have a large pot or pan, make sure to choose a larger trivet that can handle it.
  • Place the trivet: Place the trivet on the glass stove and position your cookware on top of it. This will help to protect both the cooker and your cookware.
  • Heat the pot: Turn on your stove and adjust the temperature settings. The heat will be directed towards the pot or pan, and the trivet will keep it from touching the glass surface.
  • Allow to cool: Once you are done cooking, turn off the stove and allow your cookware to cool off before handling.


Although glass stoves are extremely efficient and great for cooking, it is important that you use a trivet when using one. Trivets help protect your cookware from damage, and also help to distribute heat from induction burners evenly. Following the above steps will help you to safely use a trivet with your glass stove.

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