do you need trivet for glass coffee pot glass stove

Do You Need Trivet for Glass Coffee Pot Glass Stove?

If you have a glass coffee pot, it may become very hot on a glass stove. Do you need a trivet to protect the stove surface and the bottom of your glass coffee pot?

Why You Should Use a Trivet

A trivet, also known as a pot stand, is a simple device used to prevent hot pots, pans, and dishes from coming into direct contact with countertops and other surfaces. When used with glass coffee pots, a trivet can help reduce the risk of cracking the glass surface or causing other accidental damage. Here are a few reasons why you should use a trivet for your glass coffee pot on the glass stove:

  • Prevent Direct Contact: Using a trivet prevents direct contact between the hot glass coffee pot and the stove surface.
  • Protects the Glass: Placing a trivet between your glass coffee pot and the stove will help protect the lower parts of the pot, preventing the glass from cracking or becoming damaged.
  • Prevents Sticky Residue and Grease Build-Up: A trivet prevents grease and residue from the glass coffee pot to build up on the stove.


Using a trivet is the best way to protect the glass on your coffee pot, as well as the surface of the glass stove. It is a small investment that can protect you from a lot of damage and mess. Be sure to invest in a trivet for your glass coffee pot to maximize safety and reduce the chance of any accidents.

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