do my end tables need to match coffee table

Do My End Tables Need to Match my Coffee Table?

Decorating a living room or den with furniture is exciting and challenging. One of the decisions is to decide how to match your pieces. Most people want a cohesive look and feel to the room, but know end tables near sofas or chairs don’t need to be the same color or design as the coffee table.

Why Match Your Coffee and End Table?

There can be advantages to having the same color or design of the coffee table and end tables, here are some of them:

  • Creates unity – Having the same design or color for the tables creates a sense of unity in the room
  • Draws attention – Matching tables provide an interesting centerpiece that can easily draw people’s eye to it
  • Height – If you choose the same level of height for the tables, the eye will be drawn to the furniture as well

Why Don’t I Have To Match End and Coffee Tables?

You certainly don’t need to match the coffee and end tables; it depends on your taste or the way your room is decorated. There are some cases where it’s not even possible to find coffee and end tables with the same color or design.

  • Different Materials – It can be tough to find the same color material for the coffee and end tables due to manufacturers and availability of materials
  • Fits the Room – You may find that two different tables or two tables of different colors are the best way to make both tables stand out in the room
  • Relaxed Style – Many people prefer a relaxed look and feel to their living spaces, and different tables can help provide this

In conclusion, your decision to match coffee and end tables should be determined by the style of the room, the materials you prefer, and the effect you want to achieve. While matching the tables can sometimes be attractive, it isn’t always necessary.

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