do it on a dime coffee table

Easily Create Your Own Do-It-On-A-Dime Coffee Table

Creating a stunning, modern coffee table doesn’t have to break your budget. With the right materials and a few easy steps, you can create a unique, eye-catching “do it on a dime” coffee table to be the centerpiece of your living room.

What You’ll Need

  • Plywood, several pieces if needed to create your desired shape
  • Paint or any other finish you prefer
  • Wood glue and/or nails, depending on how you want to assemble the table
  • Sandpaper for a smooth finish
  • Saw if you plan to cut your own pieces

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Whether you purchase pre-cut pieces or plan to cut your own, having the right materials is essential in creating your do-it-on-a-dime coffee table. Choose the materials that match your desired aesthetic—materials can range from large slices of tree trunks to reclaimed wood, painted plywood, stained wood veneer, or even metal (if you opt for a minimalist design).

Step 2: Assemble & Cut

If you plan to assemble & cut your own pieces of wood, this is the step you’ll want to focus your attention on. Be sure to take accurate measurements before you start cutting and always don safety gear like goggles & gloves. If you purchased pre-cut pieces, you’ll still want to ensure a snug fit when assembling the table—use wood glue or nails to secure the pieces.

Step 3: Sand & Finish

Once you’ve assembled your coffee table, it’s time to sand & coat the piece with paint or another finish. You’ll want to apply several layers of your chosen finish and be sure to sand in-between each layer. If you plan to use paint, use primer beforehand to ensure a long-lasting finish. Once you’ve applied the desired finish & layered your table, you’ll have a stunning “do it on a dime” coffee table that will be the proud centerpiece of your living room.

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