do glass coffee pots work with all machines

Do Glass Coffee Pots Work With All Machines?

Making a delicious cup of coffee at home can be quite tricky and the first step is finding an appropriate coffee pot. Glass coffee pots tend to be among the most popular, but do they work with all machines? The short answer is: no!

Types of Glass Coffee Pots

Before we dive deeper into whether glass coffee pots work universally, let’s examine the different types available. Here are the most common types of glass coffee pots:

  • Manual Drip Coffee Pots: These are the classic coffee pots you’re likely used to and probably have in your kitchen! You add coffee grounds, hot water and the coffee begins to drip through the filter.
  • Percolators: A classic stovetop option, percolators have a metal stem with a metal basket filled with ground coffee. When you add hot water, it cycles up from the bottom chamber and down again, producing a rich cup of coffee in the process.
  • Automatic Drip Pots: This type is probably the most familiar and most likely works with your home machine. Simply add a paper filter and your coffee grounds to the pot and then the machine does the rest.

Will Glass Coffee Pots Work with My Machine?

Unfortunately this is not a yes or no answer, it depends on the type of machine you have in your home. Manual drip and percolator coffee pots are designed to be placed directly on a heat source, such as a stovetop or open flame, but most electric machines don’t have this capability. However, if you own an espresso machine, glass coffee pots can be used, as long as the instructions are carefully followed.


Most machines won’t use glass coffee pots, so it’s important to check before making a purchase. Manual drip and percolator choices work best when placed directly on a heat source and may not be compatible with electric machines. If you own an espresso machine, glass pots may be a good option, as long as you follow the instructions.

No matter which type of machine you have, it’s always a good idea to check the specifications to make sure your choice of glass coffee pot is compatible.

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