do end tables have to match coffee table

Do End Tables Have to Match The Coffee Table?

End tables are typically placed next to the sofa or chairs in a living room and they often act as a compliment to the existing decor of the room. However, the question of whether they should match the existing coffee table may arise, and the answer is not always so clear cut.

Pros of Matching End Tables and Coffee Table

Matching end tables and the coffee table adds a neatened and complementary look to the room and can be aesthetically pleasing for the eye. Here are some key advantages of matching end tables and coffee tables:

  • Unifying Look – Having a set of matching tables can help to unify the look of a room, giving it a clean and complete appearance.
  • Easier to Define Space – If you are looking to define a particular area or space in a home, such as a living room, matching tables can help to delineate this space in a more clear and exact way.

Cons of Matching End Tables and Coffee Table

Although there are some advantages to having matching end tables, there may also be some disadvantages. Here are some key disadvantages of matching end tables and coffee tables.

  • Limiting Range of Styles – Finding matching end tables and coffee tables can limit your range of design options and may make it more difficult to achieve the desired aesthetic in a room.
  • Can Look Too Cohesive – Having a set of matching tables can look too coordinated and lack the unique, individualistic look of furniture from different eras or different designers.


Overall, there is no set rule about whether end tables and a coffee table should match or not; it all depends on the look you are try to create in a living space, as well as any practical considerations such as budget and size. Matching tables can give a room a unified and tailored look, however it can also look too cohesive and you may want to mix and match different furniture pieces to create a more interesting and individual look.

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