do coffee table books sell

Do Coffee Table Books Sell?

Coffee table books, beautiful larger-than-life glossy publications, make great conversation starters, decorations in the living room, and keepers of special memories. Nevertheless, do coffee table books actually sell?

The Smallest Niche Market

Coffee table books may be aesthetically pleasing, but they are no doubt in the smallest niche market within the publishing industry – which makes them difficult to market and sell. It is a huge challenge getting readers interested in coffee table books since they are not considered daily reading material, and most of them don’t even contain much text.

How to Market Coffee Table Books

Here are some ways to market and sell coffee table books:

  • Social media – Use social media to post beautiful pages of the book and insightful passages. This can drive interest and sales.
  • Partnerships – Create partnerships with related businesses or influencers to demonstrate the practical use and value of a coffee table book. For instance, collaborate with a well-known interior design company.
  • Distribution – Make sure that your book is stocked at various retailers, both online and offline. Have the book available in gift shops and book stores where people buy gifts.
  • Consumer feedback – Reach out to consumers who have purchased the book and take their feedback. This can help you make necessary changes in the book, or develop the right marketing strategies.

The Bottom Line

Coffee table books can be difficult to market and sell because of their unique nature. However, by utilizing the strategies outlined above and taking other creative steps, you can make sure that your coffee table book stands out from the crowd and finds its way into many reader’s homes.

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