did kramer write the coffee table book

Did Kramer Write The Coffee Table Book?

Kramer is the lovably zany character from the classic sitcom Seinfeld. His wild antics and plots often get him into trouble, yet usually end with a laugh for everyone involved. It’s no surprise, then, that fans of the show might be wondering if Kramer was capable of writing a coffee table book. The answer is: yes, he did!

The Book Kramer Wrote

Kramer’s book is titled “Coffee Table Art”. It is a collection of photographs featuring the signature style that Kramer brought to the show Seinfeld. From unusual furniture arrangements to portrayals of everyday objects in surreal ways, the book stands as a testament to Kramer’s creativity.

Why It’s Such A Timeless Classic

Kramer’s book is still popular with fans of the show, even though it was released back in 1997. Its popularity is due to its timelessness, as the book is full of art and designs that have become iconic to lovers of the show. The book is also full of humor, as you would expect from an hilarious character like Kramer.

Where To Buy It

Kramer’s book can still be purchased today, and can be found in stores like Barnes & Noble and Amazon. If you’re looking for the original 1997 version, you can also find it easily for sale online at sites like eBay.


Kramer from Seinfeld is definitely capable of writing a coffee table book, and many fans of the show can attest to its lasting quality and humor. If you’re a fan of Seinfeld or want to check out Kramer’s work for yourself, you can find the book in stores or online.

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