can you use a coffee table with bean bags

Bean Bags and Coffee Tables: A Comfortable Combination

Using a coffee table in combination with bean bags is an excellent way to create a cozy, comfortable seating area. With the right setup, you can bring an inviting atmosphere to any space, whether it be a living room, seating area in a home office, a child’s playroom, or more. Here are a few things to consider when setting up a coffee table and bean bags combo:

1. Table Height

When it comes to table height, it helps to think of the intended use for the table and bean bags. If it’s a seating area for children or teenagers, a lower table height is best for optimal comfort. For adult seating, look for a table that is the same height as the armrests of the chairs you are using.

2. Leg Position

Be sure to take note of the position of the legs on the coffee table when pairing it with bean bags. The legs should be facing the outside of the circle created by the bean bags. This will keep the tabletop from becoming unstable if someone leans on the table and to make sure the table stays in place.

3. Colors and Patterns

Choose colors and patterns for the bean bags and table that complement each other, or opt for a neutral palette for a timeless look. Bringing in textures and materials such as wood, wicker, velvet, and cotton will create a cozy atmosphere.

4. Encouraging Movement

Place the coffee table and bean bags so there is plenty of space for movement – both around the table and in between the bean bags. This will keep people from feeling boxed in when they use the area.

5. Finishing Touches

Finally, accessorize the seating area with pillows, blankets, and other accents to complete the look. A few books or magazines, lamps, and plants can help add to the overall ambience.


Using a coffee table with bean bags can be an attractive and comfortable way to furnish a seating area. Keep these tips in mind to enhance the look and feel:

  • Table Height: A lower table is ideal for children or teenagers, while adults should use a table that is the same height as the armrests on the chairs.
  • Leg Position: The legs of the table should be facing the outside of the bean bags.
  • Colors and Patterns: Choose colors and patterns that complement each other for a cohesive look.
  • Encourage Movement: Leave plenty of space for movement around the table and between the bean bags.
  • Finishing Touches: Accessories like pillows, books, lamps, and plants help create a welcoming atmosphere.

With the right setup, you’ll have a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

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