can you recycle glass coffee pots

Can You Recycle Glass Coffee Pots?

Many people love to have a fresh cup of coffee from time to time, making a hot beverage with a coffee pot at home. But, as we all know, after ending our coffee session it’s important to handle the waste properly. So, among all the waste generated after making coffee, can we recycle the glass coffee pot?

Glass Coffee Pots are Recyclable!

The great news is that yes, you can definitely recycle those glass coffee pots.

The process is quite simple and it might even help communities expend their recycling capabilities. So, without further ado, here are the steps to properly recycle your old glass coffee pot:

  • Remove Difficult Elements: Plastic and silicone components such as filters, lids and handles must be removed so you can toss away the glass pot correctly.
  • Separate Non-Glass and Glass Parts: Remove any labels that may be attached to the pot, preferably without ripping them, then clearly distinguish the components between plastic, rubber and glass.
  • Place the Parts in the Recycling Bin: Once everything is set and ready, you can finally drop all components in the recycling bin. Make sure you do it as quickly as possible, as glass is more prone to breakage when temperature changes.
  • Take Everything to the Local Recycling Bank: If you don’t have the chance to recycle at home, you can take your separated glass and plastic parts to your local recycling bank for proper handling.

The Benefits of Recycling Glass Coffee Pots

Recycling your glass coffee pot has plenty of benefits, such as helping your community reducing the amount of waste generated by common activities, as well as diverting resources back into the production chain while repurposing what is left into something else.

It can be a simple way to stay aware of our daily activities, making sure we minimize the waste generated while making our life easier. As some might say, ´Recycle now, use again later!´

At the end of the day, with a little bit of attention to detail, you can easily recycle a coffee pot, helping your environment and your local recycling efforts.

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