can you recycle glass coffee cups

Can You Recycle Glass Coffee Cups?

Most coffee cups are recyclable in some capacity. However, this does not necessarily always mean recycling glass coffee cups, as knowing how to properly recycle café-style coffee cups takes a bit of investigation.

Glass-Walled Disposable Coffee Cups

If your coffee cup has a glass-like exterior, the cup cannot generally be recycled at the curb-side. Even if the cup may appear to be made of glass, there is usually a thin layer of plastic that contains the insulation of the coffee and coats the glass. Since this material cannot be recycled at the kerb, the cup is best placed in the general waste bin.

Paper and Plastic Lined or Coated Glass Coffee Cups

Paper and plastic lined or coated coffee cups can typically be recycled through kerbside collection in many areas. These types of cups have an outer layer of paper or plastic with an interior glass layer. If you are able to find a kerbside collection that accepts paper and plastic, these cups can usually be placed in the leaf bag of the materials and can be segregated from other materials.

Things to Consider When Recycling Glass Coffee Cups

When attempting to recycle glass coffee cups, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Check local recycling collection rules and regulations – not all local recycling centres accept glass coffee cups for recycling.
  • Separate materials – if it is possible to separate the outer layer from the glass layer, do so to make sure both materials are properly recycled.
  • Discard non-recyclable items in the general waste bin – any non-recyclable items should be discarded separately to prevent contamination.

Ultimately, recycling glass coffee cups is possible, but it does take a bit of extra effort. If you live in an area that allows for curbside collection, you may be able to recycle them in your residential waste, but it is important to check with your local authority before doing so.

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