can you put your feet on a glass coffee table

What to Consider When Putting Your Feet on a Glass Coffee Table

If you’re used to putting your feet up while sitting at your coffee table, you may need to rethink that when you have a glass coffee table. Glass is fragile and can easily break when stressed or weighted too much. So, if you’re considering placing your feet on a glass coffee table, here are some factors to consider to stay safe and minimize the risk of breakage:

1. Weight Capacity

Glass coffee tables are generally stronger than they look and many are built with the weight capacity to handle feet. However, there are many types of glass coffee tables and the weight capacity can vary. Check the weight rating before opting to put your feet on the table.

2. Distance

When putting your feet on a glass coffee table, be sure to also make sure the distance you’re placing your feet away from the edge of the table is enough that it won’t stress the glass. This will help protect the glass from breakage.

3. Levelness

Be sure the glass coffee table is even and level on a flat ground surface. This will eliminate any stress or shockwave transmission from a wobbly or off-level table that could lead to breakage or shattering.

4. Design

Some glass coffee tables have designs or patterns that have been etched or cut into the glass, like a bevel cut. These designs will already create some weak spots in the glass and further stress on that spot can then lead to breakage. Be cautious when placing your feet on a glass coffee table with patterns or designs cut into the glass.


Glass coffee tables can add an elegant and stylish look to any room and can still hold up to the weight of your feet, just take the proper precautions. Check the weight rating, keep the distance between your feet and the edge of the table, make sure the table is on a level and flat surface, and pay attention to designs and patterns. This will help you keep your glass coffee table in tact while still enjoying the convenience of putting your feet up.

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