can you put a glass coffee pot in the microwave

Can You Put a Glass Coffee Pot in the Microwave?

One of the most common questions people have when it comes to using a glass coffee pot is whether you can put it in the microwave. Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding no. While the glass material of the pot is generally microwave-safe, there are a few reasons why it’s not a good idea to put your glass coffee pot in the microwave.

1. Fragility of the Glass

Glass is a very breakable material, and when the microwave’s heat is applied to glass, the risk of it shattering increases exponentially. A glass coffee pot can easily crack or shatter due to the uneven heating of the microwave, so it is best to avoid putting it in the machine at all costs.

2. Containing Liquids

Glass coffee pots are also not suitable for microwaving because they contain liquids. When a liquid is heated in the microwave, it is possible for it to become hot enough that it will burst out of its container — and in this case it would be boiling hot liquid that could cause both burns and severe kitchen messes.

3. Problems with the Issues

The most obvious issue with putting a glass coffee pot in the microwave is the danger of it cracking or fracturing due to the uneven heating. Additionally, it could damage your microwave if the particles of glass eventually get inside the device, clogging up its mechanism.

Other Options

If you want to make hot coffee but don’t want to use the stovetop or microwave, there are other options available. You can purchase electric coffee heaters or cordless kettles that will get your coffee hot without putting your glass coffee pot at risk.


In conclusion, it is not recommended to put a glass coffee pot in the microwave. The fragility of glass, the risks associated with heating liquids, and the potential for damage to both the glass and the microwave make it unwise to attempt this. Electric coffee heaters or cordless kettles are much better alternatives.

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