can you put a glass coffee pot in the microwave

Can You Put A Glass Coffee Pot in The Microwave?

In A Word – No!

Glass coffee pots are definitely a great accessory to look good in the kitchen, but they are not suitable to be put in the microwave. Some glass coffee pots are made of heat-resistant glass but still it’s best to avoid microwaving too frequently as this can have disastrous consequences.

Reasons Not to Put a Glass Coffee Pot in The Microwave

  • Explosion – If a glass coffee pot were to be put in the microwave, it would lead to a pressure build-up that could eventually cause it to explode leaving a mess to clean up, and worse.
  • Components – The stem and handle are also made of glass and could be prone to cracking if exposed to heat from the microwave.
  • Heat Resistant – Even if a glass coffee pot were made of heat-resistant glass, the heat of the microwave may still be too intense and could cause a crack.


If you find yourself wanting to warm up your coffee, there are other options.

  • Coffee Maker – No matter the brand, all coffee makers are designed to keep and maintain heat so you can use them to easily heat and keep your coffee warm.
  • Pour Over – Pour overs or manual brewers can maintain and keep your coffee warm at the right temperature and avoid over-heating.

In conclusion, avoid putting a glass coffee pot in the microwave. While it may seem harmless to do so, there are many factors involved in the making of glass pots that could lead to an eventual disaster. Stick with alternatives such as a coffee maker and pour over to keep your coffee warm.

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