can you mix white coffee table with oak furniture

Can You Mix White Coffee Table With Oak Furniture?

Mixing upholstery colors, textures, and materials is a great way to add visual interest to your home, and it makes sense to consider pairing a white coffee table with oak furniture. But before deciding whether or not it’s a good idea, it’s important to consider how the colors and materials complement each other.

Pros of Mixing White Coffee Table with Oak

  • Lightens the room: A white coffee table will help contrast the oak furniture, creating a lighter, brighter look.
  • Add contrast: Oak furniture is often quite dark so pairing it with a light coffee table will add balance to the room.
  • Create visual interest: The contrast between the white and oak colors and textures can add visual interest to the room.

Cons of Mixing White Coffee Table with Oak

  • Lack of cohesion: When contrasting colors and materials are not chosen carefully, it can make the space feel disjointed and chaotic.
  • Competing colors: If the colors are too different, it can be distracting and create an unappealing aesthetic.
  • Unbalanced look: If the colors are too similar, it can create an imbalance in the room, making it difficult to create a cohesive look.


Mixing white coffee table with oak furniture can be a great way to create an interesting and balanced look. But it’s important to consider the colors and materials carefully to ensure the space looks cohesive and tasteful.

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